UFC・Fight Night 85
2016年3月19日 (日本時間3月20日です) オーストラリア・ブリスベンで開催される
UFC・Fight Night 85 にて私中井りんの試合が決まっています。
皆様是非応援に来て下さい、オーストラリアにまで来れない人はファイトパスやテレビで観ましょう (*´▽`*)

It is held in Australia Brisbane on March 19, 2016
A game of I Rin Nakai is decided in UFC, Fight Night 85.
Please come for all of you right or wrong support, and it is a fight pass and TV, and the person who cannot come to Australia will watch it  (*´▽`*)
Because, as for me, all of who wants to make somersault victory will want to see it
How about everybody of the fan, or please support her!